Data Feed

Your data feed is very important for a successful cooperation. The more information the feed contains, the better it is for the visibility of your products for consumers. That means that it’s not only important that the feed contains mandatory fields (for example “price” or “delivery costs”), but also very specific product related fields. Think for example about gender, sizes and material. When a consumer can specify exactly what he/she is looking for, changes are bigger that he/she will buy the product.

Creating the data feed

What are the minimum requirements for a data feed?

The feed must contain at least the mandatory fields we demand to make a connection to our platform. If one of these fields is missing or it isn’t filled correctly, then your feed won’t be connected. You will find the specific details in our datafeed manual.


Can I use the same feed file on the other Compare Group websites?

We use the same product feed structure on all of our websites. However, please note the country-related delivery times, prices and languages in the feed file. Use Dutch for and, French for, Finnish for and German for

Can I have second-hand, used and returned products in my feed?

We only compare new products: used, returned, samples or second quality products etc. are NOT allowed in the product feed.

I’ve adjusted my feed; does Varusök automatically adjust the changes I made?

We recommend you to always contact us if you made any changes to your feed. If you change the filling of certain fields, it’s not necessary to contact us. Did you change the sorting of the fields, the names of the fields or did you add any fields? Always contact us by e-mail or phone, because we must check the feed transformation. Please use the following guidelines if you send an e-mail about feed changes:

  • Subject e-mail: Data feed changes * name of your shop *
  • Give a clear explanation about which changes you made: added/removed fields, changed field names, etc.

If all is as clear as possible, we can adjust your changes fast.